Privacy Statement

In General

EdListen, the developers of BadgerPD, do not have access to any information stored on the end-user sheets created by BadgerPD. However we do use Google Analytics to track usage.

The BadgerPD app creates a published Google Sheet during installation from the add-on. The published sheet will include end-users email and information pertaining to the badge they complete. This is only accessible via link and is not searchable on the web. That link is only available to editors of the spreadsheet that BadgerPD is installed onto.

Public Badges

When end-users "Submit To Complete" on a public badge, their name is not sent to the developers of BadgerPD, only their rating and comments are recorded.

When a user submits a badge for review, all the information in the form, plus the email of the submitter is sent to the developer. If the badge is approved the submitter's information will be included as the contact person for the badge.